Newborn Weight Loss Percentage Calculator – How to Make the Calculations?

newborn weight loss percentage calculator

newborn weight loss percentage calculator

Infants typically lose weight during their first week after birth, and a newborn weight loss percentage calculator can be handy for monitoring purposes. In a week’s time, breastfed babies can lose 7% to 10% of their weight at birth while formula-fed babies can lose about 5%. The reasons behind this incident may be due to various reasons. Close monitoring of the infant by a doctor is necessary to identify if there is a problem.

Newborn weight loss is not a serious concern. Studies show that it is a natural occurrence, but using a weight loss percentage calculator can put you at ease. Using the calculator is very easy, and you can follow these steps:

  1. Determine your baby’s weight at birth.
  2. Undress the baby and use the infant scale for weighing. Your baby must be still to get the exact weight.
  3. Subtract the weight you’ve obtained from the baby’s birth weight. The figure you obtain will serve as the lost weight.
  4. Divide the lost weight by your baby’s birth weight, and multiply by 100.
  5. The result is the weight loss percentage.

As you can see, it is very easy to determine the percentage of weight loss.

The first week is very critical. The weight loss may be due to general or peculiar conditions. According to studies, the extra weight of a baby when delivered counters the labor stress and ensures a smooth transition to the outside world. Breast milk takes several days to come, but the baby gets the ‘colostrums’. Colostrums is break milk that comes in small quantities, and it contains all the essential nutrients needed by an infant.

A mother shouldn’t be worried if there is less milk until the third or fifth day after birth, so breastfeeding must be continued. This is normal, and you shouldn’t give up easily. Formula milk is good, but doctors believe that breast milk is better.

Special conditions can also be the cause of weight loss in babies. For instance, the mother is given IV or intravenous fluids while in labor. The surplus loss of fluid may lead to loss of weight by around 10%. Babies that are given formula and water can also lose weight during the first week, as well as babies that are incubated for a long time.

The newborn weight loss percentage calculator helps medical professionals in keeping track of the weight of the baby and the percentage of weight loss. This is also the reason why doctors require the parents to bring back the baby to the hospital or clinic after a week. If the weight loss exceeds 10%, the pediatrician must give the proper attention to determine what caused the unhealthy weight loss.

In 2 or 3 weeks, your baby will regain the lost weight whether he/she is formula-fed or breastfed. If the mother attended trainings or seminars on breastfeeding, she would know of the advantages of breast milk over formulas.

Your baby is a gift, and you have to take care of that gift. Consult your doctor right away, and the newborn weight loss percentage calculator can help you determine if your baby is healthy.

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Newborn Weight Loss Percentage Calculator